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How do I create Payment Form?


Use payment form to sell your products, services, accept charity donations and more.

Collect payments from your clients via Credit Card, Google Pay or Apple Pay

You can setup three different types of Payment Form:

1. Auto Calculate price based on Product/Services selected by the client

2. Fixed price setup by you (Author/Admin)

3. Client specifies amount to pay (e.g. Amount based on invoice received, charity donations and more)


We use a system called Stripe, that lets you take payments safely and securely.

1. Create a Stripe account (only if you don’t already have one)

A Stripe account is free. You need a valid email address, and a bank account linked to an address.

Go to Stripe -


Formly never charges extra transaction fees for receiving payments though your forms, so you’ll only have to pay Stripe fees.

Find out more about Stripe fees -


2. Calculator - It allows you to add price to your products, services and more.

You can design your Payment Form by combining Calculator and Payment question.

More information about how to use Calculator feature


3. Choose Payment question type from the questions menu.

Note - Payment question is required (mandatory) and is always the last question in the form


4. Recall Information

Now you can type in the text (order summary etc) you want. If you want to show the final price, you can do that by typing @ and choosing Calculator from the Recall information menu.


5. Connect to Stripe

In the Question Settings menu, you'll see a button that says Connect with Stripe. Click this.

This will open a new tab in your browser, where you can sign in to an existing Stripe account (step#1). Once you’ve done this correctly, you will see below success message then click on Close and you’ll be returned to Formly.

Click on Refresh and you will see Status: Connected and Ready: Yes

You have successfully connected your Stripe account with Formly.


6. Currencies

Under Payment currency, choose the currency you want your clients to pay.

Note - You can also specify minimum order value to submit the form.

Currencies supported - USD US Dollars, GBP Sterling, INR Indian Rupees, EUR Euros, AUD Australian Dollars, ,NZD New Zealand Dollars, CAD Canadian Dollars, CHF Swiss Francs, NOK Norwegian Krone, SEK Swedish Krona, DKK Danish Krone, MXN Mexican Peso, BRL Brasilian Real, HKD Hong Kong Dollars, SGD Singapore Dollars and JPY Japanese Yen.


7. Notification

Setup notification to send order summary/payment confirmation to your clients.

You can also Recall values in Notification message by typing @ and choosing Calculator etc from the Recall information menu.

Note – Unsuccessful payment notification are automatically sent from System to all email addresses specified in the Notification panel.


8. Test Stripe payments

If you want to test your payment form, you can change the Calculator value to something small ($1), and then make a payment to yourself.

Formly does not hold or deal with your payment details. If a payment has been rejected or cancelled, please contact Stripe support here -


9. Payment questions and Results

Data entered into the Payment question is not stored by Formly or available in Results.

Calculator Total and Payment Status (Successful/Unsuccessful) is only available in Results.




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