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How do I prefill form?


Prefill form

Form pre-population works by substituting tokens placed in a form.

Tokens can be added to almost any part of a form, including question, description, default value etc.

Most popular is “Default value” in the input field of Text Entry question type.

To add a token, simply surround a word with {{ and }}, for example: {{Firstname}}.

Please note, the first column (Email) is mandatory and should have unique values.

So in the above sample CSV file, if login then her name 'Maria' will be pre-populated in the input field and you can also make it "Readonly", if you don't want user (Maria) to edit this input field.


- This form can be used without pre-populated data.

- When no pre-population data is available for specific user then tags will be shown.


- This form can only be used in conjunction with pre-populated data.



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