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How do I setup email notifications (including response PDF)?


Note - Email notifications is only available in paid plans (Silver/Gold/Enterprise plans)

Email notifications let you quickly see new form responses by sending an email each time a response is submitted.

How to setup email notifications (including response PDF attachment)

1. In "Create Form" screen - Go to “Setup Notifications”

2. Click – “Add Trigger”

Adding Trigger to send email notifications

3. Click on "Set conditions" - e.g. If your first question (MultipleChoice1) has any value then send email notification.

You can also specify precise conditions - e.g. If "Marketing" is selected in the form then email goes to Marketing team, if "Finance" is selected then email goes to Finance team etc.

4. "From Name" - Here you can specify your individual/company/brand name for example.

5. "To"field

In this field you can specify the email recipients who could be:

  • Author

  • Registered Respondent

  • Any other email address (not registered in Formly) - by adding new email address and press Enter key ↵

  • Email address entered while completing the form (Note - Content validation needs to be set to "Email" in the Text Entry question type (see below image) to see this option in the "To" field)

6. Reply to email - You can specify any email address in this field (e.g. or you can leave it blank.

7. Subject - Specify email subject in this field.

8. Message - Write your email message in this field.

You can also Recall responses in Notification email message body by typing "@" and choosing Question, Calculator etc from the Recall information menu (see image below).

9. Include Response PDF - Tick "Include Response PDF" if you want to receive completed form as a PDF email attachment.

10. Click on "Save" Note - If you would like to create custom PDF files, please refer to this help



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