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How do I share form?


Share Form with Non-Registered Users

Anonymous web link

  • In your Form – Go to “Share” tab

  • Copy “Web Link”

  • Share “Web Link” via email, Social media etc

Embed web code

  • In your Form – Go to “Share” tab

  • Copy “Embed Code”

  • Paste “Embed Code” in your website etc


Share Form with Registered Users

Step 1: Add users under your account

  • Upgrade > Users

  • Download sample CSV file

  • Upload your CSV file to register new respondents under your account

Note – The first column (Email) is mandatory and should have unique values.

Step 2: Share form with individual users

  • In your Form – Go to “Share” tab

  • Select individual user(s) – (users added in step 1)

  • Click on “SHARE” button

Step 3: Share Form with Group

  • In your Form – Go to “Share” tab

  • Go to “Groups” tab

  • Create Group and Add users (users added in step 1) in the Group

  • Come back to “Share” tab

  • Select Group(s)

  • Click on “SHARE” button

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