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How to add images, GIFs and videos to your Form?


You can add images, GIFs and videos to your form, questions, as well as to the Welcome screen and the Thank You screen. This will help you to brand your forms with your own logos, design and media.

Alternatively, you can also add images to your answer options in a Image Choice question.

What’s the difference between a background image and an image layout?

Background image applies to the whole form, while a layout only applies to the image for a given question.

Can I use a question image and a background image in the same form?


Background image

How can I add a background image?

To add a background image, go to the Design panel and upload Background image.

Recommended size: 1680x1050 px

To add or remove a background image, click Add (+) or Remove (x) next to Background image. All the design changes you make here will apply to the whole form.

Add an image/gif/video to a question

1. Click on any question you want to add an image to, then click Add next to Image or video under Question settings to open the media gallery:

2. Now you can upload an image or GIF by clicking Upload, or dragging and dropping an image into the Upload field.

File format: JPEG, PNG, static and animated GIF

Max File size: 4MB

3. Image/GIF gets automatically loaded in your form and you can select the desired layout.

Images will be resized automatically to be adjusted for different layouts and device types.

There are six layout options to choose from. You can click through them to find one that suits you in the Layouts section of your Question settings

NOTE – Layout options (Six Layout options) are only available in “One question at a time mode”, which can be enabled in Form settings

4. To add YouTube video - please go to Video tab in Media Gallery and add YouTube link

NOTE – Only first 3 Layout options are available for YouTube videos.

5. At any time, you can click the image icon button to change or Remove your images, GIFs, or videos.

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