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How to add Thank You Screens and Redirect to your form?


The Thank You Screen is the final screen your visitors see after submitting a form.

You can also show different Thank You Screen based on the answers selected, price/scores achieved by the respondent.

Note - You can also redirect respondent to link/webpage after they have submitted the form instead of displaying Thank You Screen. If both Thank You Screens and redirect is setup in the same form then respondent will not be shown Thank You screen and they will be just redirected to the webpage you have specified.

Follow these steps to add Thank You Screens to your form:

1. To add a new Thank You Screen, click on “Thank You Screen”

2. Click on the Thank You Screen text to change it. You can use Recall information in your Thank You Screen: type @ to include information (answers, scores or price) from your form. This is useful for reminding respondents of information that they entered while filling out the form, or addressing them by name.

Thank You Screen settings

Change the Thank You Screen settings in the right-hand panel


By default, your Thank You Screen button is on. You can change the text of the button and also change the button link (e.g. your site link).

If button is not required, you can toggle this button to off.

Note - Your URL must be a secure HTTPS address (e.g.– make sure this is included in your URL or the link will not work.

Image or video

To add an image or video to your Thank You Screen, click Add next to Image or video in the Question settings panel.

To add an image, upload or drop your own image file.

You can upload JPEG, PNG, static or animated GIFs. The maximum size is 4MB.

To remove your image, click the trash can icon in the Question panel.


You can include a video from YouTube. Simply click the Add button next to Image or video, switch to the Video tab in the media editor, and paste in the URL of your video - e.g.

Note - You can use a video or an image, but not both. If you’ve added an image, you must remove it before trying to add a video!

Visibility Logic

You can show relevant Thank you screen using Visibility Logic

- If there is only one Thank You screen then you can keep visible toggle to "Always"

- If there are multiple Thank You screens then you can specify visibility condition(s) for each Thank You Screen by clicking on "When".


1. If "Red" is selected in Question 1 then show "Red Thank You Screen", if "Blue" is selected in Question 1 then show "Blue Thank You Screen" and so on.

2. Show different Thank you screen based on score

You can also create score quiz by assigning score for each option (e.g. Option A=1, Option B=2, Option C=3 etc  in each question) using Calculator 

Then show relevant thank you screens based on the total score (Calculator Total) using Visibilty Logic

Show Thank you screen 1 -  When Total score is between 1-5

Show Thank you screen 2 -  When Total score is between 6-10

Show Thank you screen 3 - When Total score is between 11-15

Note: 1. Currently it is not possible to automatically show the results based on the most selected option. 2. Also, currently only total score is available - category wise/section wise scores will be available in the future.


Multiple Thank You Screens - Ordering Logic

When you’re using Visibility Logic, it’s important that you put them in the right order or your form may not work correctly.

If Visibility Logic condition(s) are met for multiple Thank You Screens (e.g. Thank You Screen 1, Thank You Screen 2 etc) then first Thank You Screen in the order will be shown to Respondent so in this case - Thanks You Screen 1.

Hence it is important to Set the most restrictive logics first, followed by the more general ones.

If Visibility Logic condition(s) are not met for any of the Thank You Screens then default Thank You Screen will be shown.

Delete Thank You Screens

To delete Thank You Screen, click on "Move/Copy/Delete" button and click on "x".

Note - Adding Thank You Screens is optional. If you don’t add Thank You Screen or delete all of your Thank You Screens, your responders will see a default Thank You Screen like the one:

Prefer adding redirect instead of Thank You Screen?

Instead of showing respondents Thank You Screen when they finish your form, you can automatically redirect them to a URL of your choice after submission. This is available on Gold plans and above.

To add a redirect to your form, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Form settings

2. Enable Redirect on Completion

3. Enter URL of your choice

4. Publish form



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