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Craft forms that contribute to shaping the future.

Create effective forms, surveys & Quizzes that can contribute to enhancing the student experience, increasing faculty engagement, assessing diversity and inclusion, and gaining deeper insights into the overall school/campus atmosphere.

Educational forms, surveys & quizzes has never been simpler.

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Gather Feedback & Conduct Research

Feedback and research are key to improving any aspect of educational services. With our customizable forms, you can collect valuable feedback from students, staff, teachers and stakeholders, providing insights that can guide important decisions and improve the quality of education you provide.

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Collect Submissions from Any Device

Eliminate the hassle of paper forms and offer your students/staff a smooth, contactless method to provide their information. With our customizable online forms, you can simply share or embed them with a single click, allowing respondents to securely input their information from any device.

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Personalize the experience and create custom forms.

Conditional logic is a powerful feature that allows form creators to tailor the form experience based on the responses provided by the user. By setting conditions and rules, certain questions or fields can be hidden, shown, or skipped based on the answers given by the user. This can create a more personalized and efficient experience for the user, as they are not presented with unnecessary or irrelevant questions. Instead, they only see the questions that are pertinent to them based on their previous answers. This also helps to streamline the form completion process and increase completion rates. Additionally, using conditional logic in forms can help to improve data accuracy and reduce errors by ensuring that only relevant data is collected. Overall, conditional logic can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of educational forms for both students and teachers.

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Effortlessly extract quiz, test and survey results.

As an educator, your time is valuable, and online form tools can help you save time and streamline administrative tasks. You can easily export form data in a variety of formats, including CSV, Excel, or PDF, which can be useful for analyzing and reporting on student or teacher data. You can quickly create and manage a range of educational forms, including teacher/student - application forms, appointment forms, or appreciation forms, without spending hours on manual data entry. This allows you to focus on your core responsibilities as a teacher, such as planning lessons, engaging with students, and fostering a positive learning environment. Overall, our form builder can be an effective way to simplify administrative tasks and improve efficiency in educational settings.

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Collect Payments & Send Email Notifications

Our form builder allows you to collect payments directly through your forms, providing a convenient and secure way to receive payments.You can get paid directly without any extra transaction fees charged by us. Additionally, you can also send automatic email notifications to both students and staff, ensuring that everyone is informed and up-to-date throughout the process.

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Effortlessly create workflow solutions 

Formly helps you create user-friendly forms for students at school. We offer various question types, such as multiple choice, true or false, and short answer, as well as customizable options for branding and formatting. With Formly you can create forms that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of your students, and you can easily track and analyze their performance to help guide your teaching and learning strategies.

Are you searching for a rapid and effortless method of producing questionnaires, polls, and assessments? Your quest ends here.

Maths Test

Maths Test

Assessment Sheet

Assessment Sheet

General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Parent Consent

Parent Consent

Alumni Donation

Alumni Donation

Check our Quiz maker and Test maker for more inspiration 

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