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Formly Healthcare

Effortlessly build secure Healthcare forms

Gather secure and speedy patient information with medical forms, designed to assist your clinic or hospital. Our no-code medical form templates are also GDPR-compliant. This allows you to focus on the most crucial task at hand: saving lives.

Why Formly for Healthcare?

Protect Data with GDPR Compliance

We understand that safeguarding patient privacy is of utmost importance, and we make sure that the information you gather remains confidential through our GDPR-compliant online forms.

Collect Submissions from Any Device

Eliminate the hassle of paper forms and offer your patients a smooth, contactless method to provide their information. With our customizable online forms, you can simply share or embed them with a single click, allowing patients to securely input their information from any device.

Collect Patient Medical History

Gathering a patient's medical history is a crucial aspect of providing effective healthcare. With our easy-to-use form builder, you can create custom medical history forms to efficiently collect and store this vital information, allowing you to make informed decisions about your patients' care.

Get Patient Consent with e-Signature

Obtaining patient consent is an essential part of healthcare procedures. Our e-signature feature simplifies this process by allowing patients to easily sign consent forms electronically, providing a convenient and secure way to collect and store these important documents.

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Gather Feedback & Conduct Research

Feedback and research are key to improving any aspect of healthcare services. With our customizable forms, you can collect valuable feedback from patients, staff, and stakeholders, providing insights that can guide important decisions and improve the quality of care you provide.

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Collect Payments & Send Email Notifications

Our form builder allows you to collect payments directly through your forms, providing a convenient and secure way to receive payments.You can get paid directly without any extra transaction fees charged by us. Additionally, you can also send automatic email notifications to both patients and staff, ensuring that everyone is informed and up-to-date throughout the healthcare process.

Find inspiration for your forms with our collection of form templates.

Patient Registration

Patient Registration

Patient consent

Patient consent

Trainee Assesssment

Trainee Assesssment

Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

Payment Form

Payment Form

What Our Clients Say

Men 1

"The form builder is an excellent tool for medical practices of all sizes. It is very easy to use and has significantly reduced the amount of paperwork in our practice. Patients appreciate the convenience of filling out forms online and it has allowed us to better manage our patient data. The support team is very responsive and helpful with any issues we've encountered."

Dr. Brian T

Women 1

The Best Form App!

This is an incredible app. Very happy with all the features I can use for my clinical psychology services. It's easy to use. I've tried other apps and this is the best by far.  Recommend 100%


Women 2

"I've been using this form builder for several months now and it's been a great addition to my practice. The forms are very intuitive and patients find them easy to use. The platform is reliable and secure, and the support team is always available to answer any questions. Overall, a great product that I would highly recommend."

Dr. J Patel

Men 2

100% useful

It's amazing what I can do with Formly. I am a psychologist and I can do informed consent, tests, surveys, forms, etc. It's great!! It is very intuitive so you quickly learn to use it and it has tutorials. Not to be missed!!

Sam Bhatia

Formly - designed to assist you in achieving higher response rates.

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