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Find the right plan for your brand
  • What is meant by 'user' when choosing a plan?
    When choosing a plan, 'user' means: Included in User countForm Author - One who creates Form Registered Respondents - Fill Form assigned to you by login into Formly using App or Web browser (see video - Not included in User countNon-Registered Respondents - Fill Form via Web Link (e.g. Examples If you are the only one creating the Form and all other people filling the form via Web Link( Non-Registered Respondents) then you will only need 1 user license and you can accept unlimited submissions via Web link with Silver/Gold Plan. If you are the only one creating the Form and four other people filling the form by login into Formly (Registered Respondents) then you will need 5 user license and you can accept unlimited submissions via Web link with Silver/Gold Plan. How to upgrade to paid plan -
  • How to upgrade to a paid plan?
    Upgrade to a paid plan: Go to Upgrade and choose a plan type in Change My Subscription section. Enter your billing details. Click the button to confirm and pay. We'll email you a receipt after successful payment How to upgrade to paid plan -
  • Which credit/debit cards do you accept?
    We accept the following credit and debit cards: Visa American Express MasterCard Formly uses Stripe, a well-established, secure, card payment gateway service to process your payment.
  • How is my subscription charged?
    Your credit card will be charged automatically at the end of each billing period. So, if you opt for a monthly plan your card will be charged on the first day of the new monthly billing cycle. If you are on a yearly plan, your card will be charged on the first day of the new yearly cycle.
  • How much will I be billed?
    Formly is billed per-user. So on Silver Plan, 10 users on your account would cost $990/year when paid annually or $99.9/month.
  • What happens if I add a user after converting to a paid subscription?
    We'll pro-rata the cost of the new user. For example, if you previously had 10 users on Silver plan and had paid $990 annually but then added a 11th user midway through the cycle, we'd immediately charge your card 50% x $99. This would bring the additional charge to $49.50.
  • Can I just remove my users so I will no longer be charged?
    You may remove users, in which case you will not be billed for those users on the next renewal of your subscription.
  • How do I cancel my paid subscription?
    When upgrading to a paid plan you can pay on a yearly or monthly basis. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of the prepaid period (when the year or month expires), as Formly does not issue refunds for contracts cancelled before the contracted period ends. Go to Upgrade page, and you’ll see Cancel my subscription. Click this link and then confirm to cancel subscription. Once the paid plan expires, all your forms will be set to Private mode (not shareable) and you won’t be able to collect further answers – unless you upgrade again. Your results, collected while you were on a paid plan, will always be available in your Results.
  • How do I change my billing information?
    1. While logged in, click on the Upgrade 2. Click on the Change Info link in the Payment Details section. Enter and update your credit card or Name on card information in the available fields. Click the Add button to save the changes.
  • How can I delete my credit card information?
    Go to Upgrade, and you’ll see Delete Info under Payment Details section. Click this link and then confirm to remove your credit card information.
  • How do I view or download my invoices?
    1. While logged in, click on the Upgrade. 2. All invoices are available under Invoices section. Click on the one you’d like to download. You can now print it or save it as a PDF.
  • What happens if I miss a payment?
    We have an automated process in place which attempts to bill your card several times over a period of 14 days before we downgrade an account for non-payment. If you get a notification email from our Billing department, and update your billing information before the end of the 14 days, our next automatic charging attempt will be successful and your subscription will carry on without any disruption.
  • What currency will I be billed in?
    Subscriptions will be billed in U.S. dollars or UK sterling. If you are outside any of these regions (USA or UK), you will be billed in U.S. dollars.
  • Do you offer any volume discounts?
    Yes, larger accounts with a substantial number of users (more than 50) can qualify for a volume discount. We also offer discounts to Education, Healthcare and Non-profit organisations. Please contact for more information.
  • Do you have a Affiliate program?
    Yes. Earn 30% of recurring lifetime revenue for every sale. Join Affiliate Program
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