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Free Online Survey Maker

Use our free survey maker to create, distribute, and analyze surveys to discover valuable insights. Start creating free online surveys in minutes!

Cake flavour Survey

Explore Free Survey Templates

Below you'll find a selection of expert-designed survey and questionnaire templates. Suitable for every situation, you can access your free survey at the click of a button.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and performance

Gain insight into people's perception of your business, evaluate your success and monitor your advancement.

Demographic poll

Demographic poll

Gain insight into your audience to comprehend what shapes their attitudes, interests and perspectives.

A/B testing

Creative & A/B testing

Collect customer feedback using creative testing and optimise performance so you can go to market with confidence.

Market research feedback

Market research feedback

This feedback can also help companies determine the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns and identify new opportunities for growth.

See our popular online survey templates

Looking for some inspirations? Check out our survey maker templates

Formly Survey Maker Features

Ask the right questions with interactive surveys that engage users and boost completion rates. Easily track and analyze your survey data with Formly’s real-time reporting and data analysis tools.

Form Layout

Layout options

Conversational forms (One question at a time) or Traditional forms (All questions on One page)

Embed code

Custom Domains and Embed survey

You can share and embed your forms on multiple platforms, whether you want to display forms on your website or send them via direct links using your own custom domain link

Personalised Form


Beautiful forms in minutes with no coding using Formly’s online Form Builder. Pop in your logo, colours, images or videos for extra oomph.

Offline Surveys

Offline Surveys

No Wi-Fi? No problem. With our free app Formly Mobile Forms, users and assignees can fill out your surveys anywhere, with no internet connection required - so you and your team can enjoy uninterrupted data collection on the go.

Flowchart Logic

Tailor questions

Skip logic lets you generate relevant follow-ups based on form responses, so you're using your Respondent’s time most effectively.


Integrate with All your favorite Tools

Integrations can be a great boon to your system, optimizing it and delivering an improved user experience that can make a good system extraordinary!

Tips to remember before launching your survey

Start with why

What are your expectations for this survey? This will allow you to evaluate whether the template is suitable and if the questions are appropriate for the intended recipients.

Automated scoring

Save hours of correction and scoring time using our scoring system


Create a welcoming atmosphere for your respondents by addressing with their names using our recall feature.

Grey Ring

Embed quiz on your website

Ready-to-use embed code that you can put into your website on your website or on your blog. 

Skip logic

Use conditional logic to provide tailored support depending on what response you get from them?

Black Ring

Multiple thank you screen

Display distinct thank you screens to your respondents based on attained scores.

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