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How does Stripe works?


Thinking about becoming a business owner or are already one, you may be curious about what Formly and the payments platform behind millions of businesses Stripe has to offer.


What does Formly + Stripe integration do:

  • Enables online payments for goods and services.

  • Provides a way for individuals to accept payments, send pay-outs, and manage their businesses online.

  • Varied levels of digital security and payment protections.


What is Stripe?

Stripe powers adaptive enterprises around the world, including dozens of industry leaders processing billions in annual payment volume. They help companies simplify global expansion, optimise their payments infrastructure, and easily add new business models and revenue streams.

Why use Stripe?

Accelerate your international expansion. Accept payments from customers around the world with cardholder support in more than 135 countries. Offer dozens of local payment methods to help improve conversion rates and create better experiences for your customers. Let Stripe handle the complex regulatory nuances for each new country so you can focus on your core business.


Stripe is a well-known, trusted brand with 90% of U.S. adults having bought from businesses using stripe and 135+ currencies and payment methods supported in 35+ countries. Customers may not be aware of your business,but they would have heard or used Stripe. Resulting in eased payment process while achieving greater sales.


Since setting up Formly account is quick and simple, you can start selling a product or service in no time


Do you operate an clothing business or Run a food business and need a way to collect customer details, feedback and take payment? Then look no further - Formly now

Formly can help your business - Use payment form to sell your products, services, accept charity donations and more. Build simple intuitive forms easily. Formly is a easy-to-use form builder that lets you build no code forms and collect payment.


You can setup three different types of Payment Form (see sample form):

  1. Auto Calculate price based on Product/Services selected by the client

  2. Fixed price setup by you (Author/Admin)

  3. Client specifies amount to pay (e.g. Amount based on invoice received, charity donations and more)

Some of the features which makes Formly+Stripe integrations best for your business:

  • Create a simple payment form, then give your customers the ability to pay with their Apple Pay, Google Pay or Bank card.

  • Set up notifications so once customers complete your form, and make a payment an email is sent instantly with their order/payment confirmation receipt.

  • Customers always remain on your site throughout the transaction.


Formly allows to create fully customisable forms with your branding and move customers along in the purchase process — all with intuitive forms.


Let’s get started? Check out some of these Stripe- integrated forms for inspiration, or start your own from scratch!

Easily Create and Customize Forms

to Fit Your Specific Needs

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