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How to add users in your account and workspaces?


With a Silver or higher account, you can invite your team members to join your account so they can collaborate on your forms and access results.

If you don't have enough seats on your plan to invite new members, check out this video on how to buy more.

To add users

  1. Click on your Avatar in the upper right corner.

  2. Then click Add Team members.

3. Add user(s) – Bulk Import (CSV Template)

Email, First Name and Last Name

4. Added users gets automatic email notifications with account details.

Note - If user has already created account (using same email address) on Formly then they cannot be added as Team member. So please use unique/different email address.

5. Added users will show these details:

  • Personal Details - Email, First Name and Last Name

  • User Type - Owner, Admin or Registered Respondent

  • Active Staus - Green Dot: Active, Grey Dot: Inactive

  • Settings (Three dots) – To change User Type to Admin or Registered Respondent.

Note - By default user will be added as "Registered Respondent" so click on Three Dots to change user type to "Admin" if you want them to collaborate on your forms and access results.


You can give your other team members Admin or Registered Respondent rights, depending on what permissions you want them to have. There is no limit to the number of Admins in an account.

Pro Tips:

  • Owner cannot be deleted/deactivated

  • Deactivated user – User cannot login to account anymore until activated again. But all their previous data (Forms/Responses) remain in their account. So when account is reactivated again all previous data is available. Deactivated users are not included in user count.

  • Account Owner and Admin can access All Workspaces, Forms and Results.

Note - Individual workspace level permissions will be available in the future.



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