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How to connect Formly with Google Sheets and 3000+ Applications?

Manage and organise your important data while collaborating with others through integration with Google Sheets.

Formly integrates with Google sheets, auto syncing data from your form submissions to your Google Spreadsheet with super simple set up!

Give your team the liberty to view, analyse and update data in real-time right away.

1. To connect your Form to a Google Sheet, click on Connect in your form edit screen. Now you can see our integrations, so click on Sign in with Google in the Google Sheets box.

2. Select the account you want to connect to your form. Click on Continue tab to connect your account, and return to your Formly!

Note - You can link multiple Google accounts with your Formly account. Each form can be integrated with one Google account: in other words you can’t integrate the same form with multiple Google accounts.

3. Now you can decide whether to connect your form to a brand new Google Sheet, or an existing one:

4. To connect an existing spreadsheet file, select Use existing. Copy the URL of your sheet and paste and hit Connect to spreadsheet.

5. You can also Create new by just giving your new sheet a name and click Create Spreadsheet to get going.

6. If your form already has some results, you can choose to also send them to your Google Sheet.

Note - Google's Sheets API limits you to 500 requests per 100 seconds per project, and 100

requests per 100 seconds per user. Integrations that exceed this will be deactivated. This limit also affects the maximum number of questions the form you're trying to integrate can have. This is unlikely to affect most users, but if you are expecting thousands of Formly responses at the same time, you will need to change your Google API settings:

7. The Connect panel will now look a little different:

Click View spreadsheet to open it in a new tab. Every time someone completes your form, the results will automatically be sent to your integrated Google sheet. If you want to stop results being sent there, you can toggle the green switch. You can turn it back on whenever you want your Google Sheet will have a column for each question of your form.

Note - Submission times will be shown in UTC.

8. To delete this integration completely, click the three dots, where you can delete the integration. This will allow you to integrate with a different Google account or spreadsheet:

Note - Google’s API has a limit of 2 million cells per Sheet. If you exceed this, the integration will be deactivated. This limit includes cells from other tabs, and any existing cells when you start the integration.

Connect multiple forms to a single Google spreadsheet file

Connect multiple forms to a single Google spreadsheet file

You can connect as many forms as you want to a Google spreadsheet file. Each new integrated form will send its results to a new sheet tab in the Google spreadsheet. The new sheet tab will have the same name as your form, so you can easily see which results are which.

Follow the instructions above, and when we ask Where do you want to send your responses? choose Use existing

Then paste in the URL of the Google spreadsheet file you want to connect. Now finish the integration set up as above.You’ll now see a new sheet tab appear in your Google spreadsheet, one for each form you have connected:

If the form is unpublished and republished, the previous responses will appear in the Archive tab so you will always have access to the data.


Get more out of your Google Sheets integration

Lets now connect your integrated Google Sheets with 3000+ applications using Zapier, Pabbly, Integromat etc



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