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5 smarter ways to work with Formly and Airtable

Looking to save time and streamline your workflow? Here are five fantastic ideas for utilizing the integration of Formly and Airtable. Each idea is accompanied by an example form. Let's dive in and explore the time-saving possibilities!

1-Effortlessly Manage Leads and Quote Requests

With Formly's conversational approach to data capture, you can easily capture leads and gather essential information about the services they're interested in.


Take advantage of the Marketing Quote Form template to get started. By integrating Formly with Airtable, you can seamlessly transfer the collected data into an Airtable Base.


Once in Airtable, you can utilize its powerful sorting and filtering capabilities to prioritize your leads. Imagine being able to quickly identify and contact the hottest prospects based on their readiness and deadlines.


With Airtable's Calendar view, you can even visualize these deadlines alongside your other important tasks, making lead management a breeze.


2-Handle event registrations and applications

If you're organizing an event, you'll want to attract as many participants as possible while also simplifying the registration and application process. With Formly and Airtable, you can achieve both these objectives with ease.


Let's say you're seeking more people for your art club, or you're organizing a meditation camp, or perhaps you're filling slots at your book festival. You can use Formly's dazzling forms to target your audience and make it easy for them to sign up. For example, an Event Registration Form can capture essential details such as name, email, and contact information while also creating excitement around your event.


But that's not all. Airtable's powerful grouping feature can help you quickly identify specific traits among your event participants. If, for instance, you need to know how many people have allergies, you can easily apply a grouping feature in Airtable and visualize the haves and have-nots. This information can be crucial when it comes to event planning and logistics.


By integrating Formly and Airtable, you can efficiently manage event registrations and applications while also gaining valuable insights into your participants. Bid farewell to manual paperwork and embrace streamlined workflows that will have your target audience eagerly signing up for your event. With Formly and Airtable by your side, you'll be a pro at handling event registrations and applications in no time.

3-Run quizzes and contests

Looking to provide personalized product recommendations based on skin type? Utilize Formly and Airtable to create a Product Recommendation Quiz that caters to individual skincare needs. By offering a tailored experience, you can guide customers to the most suitable products for their specific skin type.


For instance, imagine using Formly to design a user-friendly quiz that asks participants about their skin concerns, preferences, and characteristics. As users submit their responses, Formly seamlessly integrates with Airtable, storing the data in real-time.


With Airtable, you can analyze the collected information and categorize participants based on their skin types. Utilize Airtable's powerful sorting and filtering capabilities and Gallery view to easily identify customers with specific skincare needs. This allows you to provide targeted recommendations and enhance the customer experience.


By leveraging the integration of Formly and Airtable, you can revolutionize your product recommendation process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved skincare outcomes. Empower your customers with personalized suggestions, boosting their confidence in their skincare routine. Formly and Airtable: your ultimate solution for creating a product recommendation quiz that leaves your customers glowing.

4-Market research

Conducting market research with Formly is a breeze. Its conversational-style approach increases completion rates and helps extract honest feedback from participants. It's much more approachable than traditional clipboard surveys. 


For instance, if you wanted to validate a new product line, you could conduct an in-depth survey using Formly. After collecting responses, you can use Airtable's filtering and grouping to segment respondents by age or other demographic variables. This makes it easier to spot trends and uncover opportunities or risks.

5-Feedback surveys

Customer feedback is a goldmine of insights for improving your business. To effectively listen to your customers, it's crucial to have a structured approach.

With a well-designed form, like the Customer Feedback survey, you can group questions together to create a meaningful dialogue. This form combines rating scales, opinion scales, and open-ended questions, allowing you to gather both quantitative and qualitative feedback.


When it comes to making the most of this valuable feedback, Airtable offers various options. One approach is to group feedback based on how customers placed their orders, such as through smartphones, desktops, or smartwatches. This segmentation helps you identify what aspects of your products or services are working well for specific customer segments. Alternatively, you can group feedback by star ratings, enabling you to quickly assess overall satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.


For example, take a look at how the rating for the product in the Customer Feedback survey varies depending on whether customers ordered through a phone, desktop, or smartwatch. This valuable information allows you to tailor your offerings and optimize the customer experience across different devices.


By utilizing Airtable's features, you can effectively leverage customer feedback and gain actionable insights. Whether grouping feedback by order placement or star ratings, you can identify patterns, address specific customer needs, and continuously enhance your business.

Airtable also offers custom reports and dashboards that provide an instant view of your business, making decision-making more informed. These reports can be fully customized using Airtable Extensions to meet your team's specific needs.


In addition to this, Airtable offers features that boost collaboration and access control, allowing you to create teams, assign roles, and control access to specific data. Collaborators can be given specific permissions that determine what they can edit or view in a workspace or base, making it easier to build trust and establish long-lasting relationships. You can learn more about Airtable permissions by visiting their support page.

If you're eager to create similar solutions yourself, follow these next steps:


Sign up for Formly and get an Airtable account.

If you need more information on setting up and using the integration, check out our Help article.

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