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How to create custom PDF files using form responses?


Create and auto-populate custom PDF with form responses and email it to your respondent.

For instance, you can:

  • Generate certificates and assessment reports based on a respondent’s answers

  • Create contracts and legal documents

  • Send sales quotes based on a lead’s requirements

  • Create personalized invitations or cards


Note - Below steps are only required if you need custom PDF otherwise you can use conditional email notification (including standard PDF) available within Formly itself.

What you’ll need

In order to make this solution you’ll need the following tools:

• Formly account

• Google Sheets

• Google Slides

Document Studio add-on for Google Sheets. The free version allows you to process up to 25 transactions per month. Enterprise plan is $99 per year.

Step 1: Create Form

The first stage is to create a form to collect the details (e.g. Attendee name, score etc) needed to make the certificate.

Step 2: Connect Formly to Google Sheet

Send data to a Google Sheet using the Formly integration.

Step 3: Use the Google Document Studio add-on for Google Sheets to:


  • Send data from the Google Sheet to a pre-built Google Slide certificate template

  • Generate a PDF from this template

  • Send this PDF to the attendee and/or the course organizers

  • Do this automatically whenever a new response is received

First, you’ll need to install the Document Studio Add-on for Google Sheets from here. Click the blue Install button to download it.

Document Studio

Document Studio - Help videos:

Generate certificates and send by email

Create offer letters and legal documents and send by email



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